So I’m leaving the south african shores for the first time.. on my own… And I’m getting mixed signals from the people I love dearly…

‘Cat… PLEASE don’t wander’

‘OMG… I’m gonna have a chip implanted in you’

‘Ag, maybe they’ll deny your visa and you can go somewhere safer’

Etc etc etc

I mean really now… Yall talking like letting Mr Bean loose in the middle of table mountain as the fog comes in.. Lol

Yes, I am a scatter brain… I loose things all the time… I wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where I am cause my dreams are just that intense… My short term memory is fu%&d…so I do understand everyone’s concern…. But hey… Mr Bean is rather nifty and resourceful and 100% perseverant

So can everyone just take a xanax and chill.

Keep warm and snug everyone cause soon ill be sweating like a mofo

Cat x


Keeping It Real

Made a pact with my dearest friend Sue… to keep up with the post… So when she posted today… I thought geez… Let me get on it before the crowd speaks and vote me of the tribe…

Someone once told me I’m way to transparent on my blog… And yes I am… Cause I want to keep it real. If you want to use what I write against me… So be it. I cant force you to eat dogmore.. Without a glass of water now can I?

J2 became very real for me last week(note to self, get a new medical aid) poor Dr Dennis was the only person that could come and rescue me. I had to change my little pill I take every morning, as my body got use to it and it wernt working as effectively as it use to…. Now for those who can relate… Crossing over… is like climbing kilimanjaro… No… It’s actually worst… You have to get the pill right… Then the timing.. way up the pros and cons of the side effects etc etc

Primi in canal walk has this cool window seating situation where you can eat and watch people as they come and go like little ants… That’s When my eye fell on this…

I just had to go in to see what the hype was all about. And I just stood there and watched her for what seemed forever…. She was In Full… influencer mode… And I wondered… Behind the perfect body (ass needs working on, but we won’t speak about that) . Makeup, hair, lights camera action.. Does Qaanita Orrie have the same real life issues we have? Or is that it… She’s just perfect…i suppose it’s a job for her like all of us… But I wonder… When the camera is turned off… Does she become normal barbie?

What we want to share about ourselves is completely up to you… But I’m hoping that my post bring some laughter and wisdom

Flights and accommodation booked for the end of July… Destination.. Secret for now

Cat x


The most popular saying goes… FORGIVE AND FORGET AND LET GO

But how do you forgive… When you can’t forget? You can ask the higher powers to bring peace over your heart… But unless you knock your head real hard… and damage the medial temporal lobe of your brain… You kinda skrewed when it comes to forgetting…

Your other option is pretending….. But time and again it kreeps up on you…and the monster is worst than before… It grows

But for me… It’s sitting down with that person or individuals… and talking…honesty… And trying to learn and understand…

I don’t drink glasses of milk… I’m not a fan… It’s a nip in my coffee… But this weather made me go out and buy hot chocolate..

Keep Warm And Safe Cape Town

Cat x

There’s a Squirrel in my House


17 May 2018       Rooms of Dr. Dennis – Physiatrist

Dr. Dennis:           “So… how… are… we?  (In his usual, hesitant voice when he sees me and…o Lord Jesus…what’s going to come out of this girl’s mouth today)

Cat:                        “Electric convulsive therapy….I’m starting to think a squirrel is breaking into my house every day and chills in my flat ….and it really worked for Carey in Homeland you know”

Dr. Dennis:            blank stare…followed by a chuckle

So …to those who don’t know me well….Up until very recently…I had a baby tooth that never fell out. My entire adult life revolved around the day baby tooth falls out. (side gap situation) I even told Dorianne…when I phone in sick one day…you know baby tooth fell out!

So Dr. Bhika (dentist to the rich and famous)over the years became the proprietor of baby tooth and alas, my worst fear came true….baby tooth fell out….and guess what…there’s a huge gap now….and guess what…..I’m still alive. And guess what even further….the adult tooth is coming out J

Now there you have it…..even if you have all these fears that literally threaten your entire existence every day…..bright shiny…new teeth can come out even at the ripe ole of 38

Cat x













Tick Tock


…it’s been a while I know…. For a creative…..having writers’ block is a fate worse than death.

For the past few months….I found myself counting down….to the end of the day, to the end of the week…to the end of the month….and I realized… all I am doing is wishing time away….things are progressing hastily around me….even major changes in my own life (like being rehabilitated by the supreme court of South Africa…lol) …..But I feel like I’m standing still amidst the chaos…..watching it all go round and round…..


I rummaged through some of my stored belongings the other day and came across this clock. I bought it… when I moved out on my own for the very first time many years ago…. I was so chuffed with my purchase on my bedside table….but during the night, the ticking woke me up….so I got up and hid the clock under the blankets… inside my locked cupboard…..and climbed back into bed……but I could still hear the clock ticking away. As you can see….it didn’t end well for the clock, but yet for some reason, this broken clock stuck with me through thick and thin…..until I packed it away two years ago in a brown box.

People often tell you….hold on to the good memories, but sometimes it’s those particular good memories that destroy you….that drag you down into an ugly dark world of despair. After all this time trying to find peace and closure….it weren’t finding the clock and restoring it back into my life that gave me the closure I was looking for….but finding it was a sign…..that it’s sometimes ok to bury some good memories

I’m bored….and this is completely out of character for me… we talking about someone that slots daydreaming into her daily to-do list 🙂 So drastic action is required…and to those who knew Catherine pre the cheating ass Lincoln(I just HAD to get that in there one last time…lol)…..can vouch you in for a helluva funny, exciting… ride ahead.



Feliz Año Nuevo



This year seemed to go much faster,  I can’t even remember what I did new years eve 2016 …I was in divorce mode and have a vague memory of vomiting…lol…yet so many things happened in my little life and the rest of the world. I mean…ole Bob Mugabe stepped down as president …need I say more….and most people I’ve spoken to shares the same sentiment.

I tiny part of me still want to believe that our water problem is a government conspiracy, but driving through the cape flats yesterday….was a rude awakening. Even on my morning walks admiring the hydrangeas …I felt sad, cause they all looked so dreary.

But when it started raining heavily last night and this morning…I felt a sense of relieve. Ok, the dams are not overflowing, but it gave me hope for 2018..not only for Cape Town, but it symbolised a fresh new, clean start for the year ahead!

Happy New Year!

Cat x











All About The Band.. 

when I saw this headband for the first time.. It was love at first sight…but the price tag was…ok, go stand on Kenilworth main road and sell your body quickly…but I have this little secret… It’s called patience.. And all of a sudden my R500 headband became R75

And I suppose…this is just life.. A whole Lotta bundles of Patience right? 

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas? 

Good night world 

Cat x

Off The Grid

Its day one of my leave and I only woke up at 5am this morning (covered in milky bar buttons by the way)!….but that’s how exhausted I was last night! I was so overwhelmed yesterday at the thought of not coming to work …that I could catch all the tears in a bucket and water my plants…..In all honesty…I hate being at home this time of the year…I would much rather be at work eating corned beef, potato  & carrot salad, roast chicken…drinking carbonated Oros and watching the movie four corners with my good ole friend that deserted me….lol Bless her cotton socks I miss her dearly!

But next year, I’m looking forward to being off in June, as I m planning a trip to Egypt inshallah

So Karen’s wonky phone (love you my friend) bombed out on me as well….so I’ve been off the grid now for exactly 6 days.  I’ve cancelled my early upgrade cause MTN justed pissed me off… and I’m sitting here thinking…..do I really need a cell phone?  I’m getting real comfortable without one and perhaps this is what Lord wants…like when he spoke to Moses on the mountain….lol

Ill think about the situation during my walk this morning….

Have a good day people of the palace!

Cat x


Weapon Of Mass Destruction

When I was 19……Delia bought a bed from ellerines and got a free cell phone. That’s when I got my very first cell phone and it was the most liberating feeling ever.

As technology evolved over the years….it was just the most exciting thing for my brother and me to go and upgrade our phones every two years.

But for past year… I started hating my cell phone…..it became a weapon of self-destruction…. a tool that made me very depressed. It became a means of sending and receiving hateful messages…..candy crush 24/7 and then there’s all the trouble I got into withTinder!!!

Last week, I literally felt like taking a hammer (yes… I own a hammer) and smashing my phone into a million pieces….but then Jesus took the wheel… and smashed it for me…..by having a taanie with a big sunhat and sunglasses steel it from right under my nose. Now, normally when I cant find my phone…I have a mini-stroke, but this time around…I had this overwhelming feeling of relief. My only panic was…how the hell am I going to know what time it is…lol (note to self….buy a watch)

So i was off the grid until I realised…shit…I need to uber…lol So Karen very kindly borrowed me her cellphone

I’m getting a new phone in a few days….but I’m not to heavily phased about it….and decided when I do get my new phone…it will only be used for banking and uber….ghallas

So ask yourself the question….how much time do you spend on your cell phone when you can use that time to do something more productive?

Today is my last day at work and the dark eye circles are darker than my uncle Chakka…..I’ve gotten myself into a terrible routine of waking up at 2am believing the rest of the population is up and buying Nandos at this time…..so looking forward to reversing the situation.

Have a peachy day

Cat x









JACOBS for what………………………

Canal walk shopping centre will NEVER see me again…..not unless a mini volcano that’s been lying dormant for 100 years in the centre court outside Mr Price Cavendish Square…  suddenly decide to erupt and only destroy ….wait for it…..the brand new Nespresso store  🙂 My heart legit stopped for a few seconds when I saw this permanent situation

To be honest…..I can’t remember a time that I use to drink instant coffee…..I think I mentally blocked in when nespresso entered my life. I can well imagine that it was horrid!!!

There’s no other way to describe it…..But I’m a Nespresso brat and will go without food and water for it.  I was gifted a nesspresso takeaway mug…and obviously…..the psyco in me tested my new little toy. It keeps your coffee piping hot for exactly 5 hours…after that …its literally still doable…so thank you Keith, Robyn and Namhs for giving me the gift of joy and absolute bliss

Talking about water….guys the situation is SO REAL. On the 18th of May 2018, our water supply will officially be turned off and we going to have to queue for water with our 25L containers at collection points, almost like voting stations. I saw a video of ole Pat Delille where the police have already set up a practice station in preparation for D day. Like I really need to still add this to my list anxieties….. So please be mindful when opening your taps for shit

Have a great week peeps!

PS – my phone got stolen {hence sadly no pictures on this post}, so I’ve decided to take a mini-sabbatical from it for a while. Brave they say…..but as long as I still have my nespresso…I think I will survive….lol