So I picked up a viral lung infection traveling home.,. I swear it was in bloody Sudan….but I suppose the climate change didn’t help either… Felt worse than a ghetto dog’s breakfast… And I thought I was going to die when the 4th Xanax in 1hour didn’t kick in…( Side note… Xanax doesn’t actually cure everything like I thought… )Hmmmm…thinking emoji

So let’s rewind… From Cairo…. I flew to Sharm El Sheikh… Crossing the gulf…into the Sinai region…. It’s just this long stretch of golden sand and crystal clear water…paradise…and the snorkeling was my best!!!


But if you think I just went there to beach and pool….you don’t know me very well. History Cat went climbing Mount Sinai… Where God read the 10 commandments to Moses. This is all done at night… and the sunrise over the desert is another level beautiful… We climbed down in the morning and Cat could only walk for 30 minutes… and I was like… ‘guys… I’m out… *Ghallas’… No wonder the Israelites were gatvol (frustraded) and acted out by the time they reached Mount, Sinai… Lol


We also visited the Burning bush, where God spoke to moses and told him to lead the Iraelites out of Egypt


To add to this little story… There’s also a city in the region called……………….. Wait for it……… ST CATHERINE….. Yes… That’s me :-)… She was a matryre who was killed foor her beauty … According to the very diplomatic Egyptian guide…. But we all know she was killed for her Christian belief… a world where Gods were still worhsipped. A Monk dreamed that her remains were in the Sinai mountains…they actually found it and built a monastery…and a whole city named just after her. It’s the only region where it snows in winter…


I went on my little adventure through Africa to regain my independence …..but also fullfilling my dream to travel the world …I left my heart in Cairo….so will hopefully return very soon (big smiles)

Cat x

Homeward Bound

So my journey home was everything but eventless…obviously…lol

My very first customs check… I was told to go and sit on a bench and drink my 10 cans of Schweppes pomegranate….I nicely took my cans…the stubborn part of me…sat on the bench and could only manage half a can….’ shukran shukran’ they said when I handed them my 9 tins….like I gave it to them in good faith….

Then my luggage doesn’t get checked in direct to Cape Town…it goes to Khartoum….nice…I don’t have a visa…so my passport gets taken from me and 7 nail biting hours later…I board my next flight…that now goes via Zambia. Not the schedule at all, but I suppose everything happens for a reason…as I we fly over the Victoria falls…which is breath taking.

We finally fly over blouberg beach…and I cry…no, I actually sobbed snot and tears…not because I’m happy to be home…but because I want to go back to Egypt

And then of course I get home and wake up the next morning dehydrated, fever and sick as a dog! As I’m sitting with a drip in my arm …I have the guts to ask the nurse if I couldn’t just go home and take 2 Xanax…nurse…lol…

no lady, I’m actually very serious here…I’m a mental patient… I don’t do physical ailments… Lol

I hardly unpack when I realize I’m actually house sitting the most curiously interesting glass house for two weeks…and that’s where I’m now…wrapped up warmly with my honey ginger and lemon concoction..watching The Good Doctor with the sound of the the river in the background

Keep warm peeps

Cat x

Cairo mode

I’m suppose to use this free time to work on my book…..but all I’ve been doing for the past two hours is stare out my hotel window…it appears so peaceful…but the sound of the constant car hooters down below is the reality of how busy Cairo actually is.

When the plane flew over the city….preparing to land…I thought shit…what the heck is this grey and stone place I’m about to enter…but a drive to Sakkara, which is lush and green with bougainvillea everywhere made me realize how different each part of Cairo is. 16 Egyptian kings built pyramids (the oldest in Egypt) in Sakkara and sadly most of them are dilapidated.

The old temple, with its original marble stone pillars, reminds me that way before religion…people believed and worshipped Gods. For a non history boff…that might seem surreal, but by just touching the marble…made it very real and took me right back to that time (yes, curious cat invented a time machine now also…lol

The Egyptian kings thought by building these pyramids, would keep their embalmed body and possessions safe, but little did they know how much civilization would change.

Would have loved to go up to Alexandria as planned, but it would have been too much for me to handle.

In just a few days…I fell in love with this city and omg…the most beautiful men…lol….and already making plans in my head to return to stay. Just need to get some Arabic under the belt.

Flying to a different city tomorrow. I have a letter from good ole Dr Dennis for the copious amount of drugs that keeps me calm….but the can’t live without pomegranate sweppes….that’s gonna be a bit of a challenge…lol

Check you on the flip side…

Cat x


It’s always been a dream of mine to drive from Cape Town to Cairo….

But then it was also my dream to become the first coloured south African pianist to perform at Carnegie Hall… Well that dream was shattered when my grade 8 report came in the post from London… All I remember was reading it and words like… Erratic movements jumped off the piece of paper… And slapped me right down to reality…

So cape to cairo was scaled down a tad and became, cape Town, Nairobi sudan, Cairo… And geez, what an eye opener….

Finally sitting at the pool sipping 7 up…. Yes Bernickles….

This was 12 days ago. But only posting this now… More on my adventures follow…


Well… I’m here… I made it and will definitely soak up every innce of Egypt

This is my journey

I’ve been an anxious wreck for the past year… Like nothing in my life made already super sensitive nature…. morphed into hulk mode and crying in my 10 minute taxi drive home… in bulk mode.. was an every day occasion …

I still have my old matric shirt… Most people wrote how they wished they had my independence…and that made me cry even more… The old Cat was robbed… By falling in love.

This journey to the farthest part of Africa… Was… Well… So I hope.. I means of trying to regain my independence and in a mosque today.. I cried and cried.. because I have so much to be grateful for.

Romantic love… I suspect it was just a made up thing by Anthony and Cleapatra… Don’t look for love…look for a partner… Who genuinely accepts you for who you are….and believe it or not.. You’ll know in your heart when it’s real… Just take some time each day to quiet your mind and listen to what God has to say… Earplugs forbidden


Cat x

Cape Town international Airport – International departures

Woke up at 5am this morning screaming…… ‘takeoff bitches’…. Then I woke from the dream and realized fuck…. What the hell am I doing…

Got up, made a cup of coffee… Sat outside and realized…im claiming back my independence… If I can do this…. I can do ANYTHING…. Almost like when I’ve had in a few too many majitos and stop traffic… By physically standing in the road with my hand stretched out… Speed cop style…. Lol

Karate water those mojitos…. Lol

OK, so I’ve dug into my super emergency tranquilizer at this stage, but there’s no turning back…

But between you and me… I’m more nervous about not affording my SAVAS blow dry, fake eye lashes and gelish nails when I come back… But this is whats set out for me… To travel the world and compete the bucket list… And maybe…. Just maybe find love again.

Check in at my next destination my lovelies


The Truth

Im that person that always try to see the best in people, but last night something became very clear to me… I’ve surrounded myself with narcissist….I’ve been fighting a loosing battle for years…

People that are faced with the truth, but either 1, avoid it (cause obviously saying nothing is also a response) 2…smile and laugh with you…but sits on the fence and have SO MUCH to say behind your back… and 3…. throw it back at you… Like the ventriloquist on my minion game… You have to hop, skip and jump to avoid it…. And that’s what I’ve been doing for most part of my life

I wish them all well, good health and fortune, but just remember.. The ventriloquist can be beaten.



So I’m leaving the south african shores for the first time.. on my own… And I’m getting mixed signals from the people I love dearly…

‘Cat… PLEASE don’t wander’

‘OMG… I’m gonna have a chip implanted in you’

‘Ag, maybe they’ll deny your visa and you can go somewhere safer’

Etc etc etc

I mean really now… Yall talking like letting Mr Bean loose in the middle of table mountain as the fog comes in.. Lol

Yes, I am a scatter brain… I loose things all the time… I wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where I am cause my dreams are just that intense… My short term memory is fu%&d…so I do understand everyone’s concern…. But hey… Mr Bean is rather nifty and resourceful and 100% perseverant

So can everyone just take a xanax and chill.

Keep warm and snug everyone cause soon ill be sweating like a mofo

Cat x

Keeping It Real

Made a pact with my dearest friend Sue… to keep up with the post… So when she posted today… I thought geez… Let me get on it before the crowd speaks and vote me of the tribe…

Someone once told me I’m way to transparent on my blog… And yes I am… Cause I want to keep it real. If you want to use what I write against me… So be it. I cant force you to eat dogmore.. Without a glass of water now can I?

J2 became very real for me last week(note to self, get a new medical aid) poor Dr Dennis was the only person that could come and rescue me. I had to change my little pill I take every morning, as my body got use to it and it wernt working as effectively as it use to…. Now for those who can relate… Crossing over… is like climbing kilimanjaro… No… It’s actually worst… You have to get the pill right… Then the timing.. way up the pros and cons of the side effects etc etc

Primi in canal walk has this cool window seating situation where you can eat and watch people as they come and go like little ants… That’s When my eye fell on this…

I just had to go in to see what the hype was all about. And I just stood there and watched her for what seemed forever…. She was In Full… influencer mode… And I wondered… Behind the perfect body (ass needs working on, but we won’t speak about that) . Makeup, hair, lights camera action.. Does Qaanita Orrie have the same real life issues we have? Or is that it… She’s just perfect…i suppose it’s a job for her like all of us… But I wonder… When the camera is turned off… Does she become normal barbie?

What we want to share about ourselves is completely up to you… But I’m hoping that my post bring some laughter and wisdom

Flights and accommodation booked for the end of July… Destination.. Secret for now

Cat x


The most popular saying goes… FORGIVE AND FORGET AND LET GO

But how do you forgive… When you can’t forget? You can ask the higher powers to bring peace over your heart… But unless you knock your head real hard… and damage the medial temporal lobe of your brain… You kinda skrewed when it comes to forgetting…

Your other option is pretending….. But time and again it kreeps up on you…and the monster is worst than before… It grows

But for me… It’s sitting down with that person or individuals… and talking…honesty… And trying to learn and understand…

I don’t drink glasses of milk… I’m not a fan… It’s a nip in my coffee… But this weather made me go out and buy hot chocolate..

Keep Warm And Safe Cape Town

Cat x