Marco Polo


My best friend growing up, Rene…she use to LOVE watching the old dubbed Kung-Fu movies….how the side effects came after the punch ( Remember those…).…but I was never interested, the fighting scenes bored me to death.

But the history nerd that I am, started watching the Netflix series Marco Polo…OMG…another level of good. The Kung Fu fighting and war scenes are out of this world amaaaaazing…………and I spent hours watching the making of the series on Youtube

So, Marco Polo, the son of a Venetian merchant, travels with he’s father on the spice route through the east…ends up meeting Kublai Khan …and later becoming one of he’s most trusted advisors. Kublai was the Khagan of Mongolia, who broke down the great wall and invaded China…

I’m not sure why people are still wasting their time watching Game Of Thrones really…..It’s just become so tedious and monotonous.

So WATCH MARCO POLO PLEASE….anyone….so I can have someone to talk too about it.

So here’s my list

Best to date:

Marco Polo


Law and Order SVU (I have a very special kind of love for Olivia Benson (Valkenberg admission… obsessed… in love) In my dreams I name my children, Olivia and Benson J

Grey’s Anatomy (Don’t ever watch it when you feeling MEH though…tear jerker of note this one)

Most watched

Sex and the City

Story Line

How to get away with murder

Breaking Bad (I still haven’t watched the last episode….it’s called denial that it’s over)


Two Broke Girls (I’m not a fan of sitcoms cause I don’t laugh at shit…It takes a special kind of person to make me laugh- Sophie kills me)

Lost Interest but still watching:

Shameless (I can already see Svetlana selling the babies)

Game of Thrones (I’m so over winter)

Suits (a hot guy in a suit…need I say more?)

Miss dearly


Cat x





Please note that everything said on this blog….is purely MY opinion and my opinion alone… I come up with this shit… all on my own….with a little help from my dearest friend Xanax…the peeps at J2 ward at Grooteschuur hospital… and an imagination that makes Wonderland just seem lame.

Under absolutely no circumstances am I forcing anyone to read it…..but I do strongly insist that you subscribe… right there…where it says enter your email address….just enter your damn email address… cause I still send Christmas cards ok….

And if you already subscribing…shukran

Cat x

Life in a Tree House

Two months ago, I was asked for my address at the video store (ha-ha….yes, you actually still get video stores)…..I just stared at the girl in total numbness….cause I couldn’t answer her….I had no address….I had no permanent home of residence, so in actual fact, I was homeless.

Ok, so I weren’t living in a cardboard box on the street…but for the first time I caught a small glimpse of what it’s like not to have a roof over your head….and it’s not a good feeling at all.

I was looking at flats for two months, stressing my ass off…but in the end, in true Cat style, I literally found a place over night….the day before I had to move out of my temporary lodging.

And now….I’m living in a tree house :-).… sush KattyW….it’s a tree house…allow me to believe that ok….lol.

I’ve always been obsessed with tiny and unique houses, well…anything miniature. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to small houses…:-) Check it out…

So my tree house is not the fancy flat I looked at in The Citadel….and there’s absolutely no space to grapevine (Sorry Jane Fonda)…..but I’m LOVING it and it’s exactly what I need for now. I also get to see my brother every day… as its on his route to work and they pick me up in the morning….and yawl know how much I love my brother….and it’s not just for 20% discount he gets from the Body Shop 🙂

So whenever you find yourself saying…”I’m not doing that great, but I’m grateful to have a roof over my head”….mean it..cause the struggle is so real.

Cat x

The Inevitable Post……


So lets just get this one out of the way….

Unlike so many people I know…I was never directly affected by divorce. The examples of marriages I were exposed to over the years….were full of beans, but they stuck it out….

Marcia and Johnny (death), Ian and Keith (31 years-death), Aziza and Joe (30 years), Robyn and Ian (25 years) and of course, my parents (death)

Robyn always use to say, poor Cat, with all our bitching and moaning about our other halves….we must be putting her off marriage for life….but instead…it made the… for better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part….very, very real for me…..

So are we a generation that give up when the going gets tough, or a generation that knows when to quit when you find yourself in a destructive relationship?

Divorce is definitely not for the faint hearted, in actual fact….its bloody worse than death. I do sad… very, very well…..but anger, hurt and disappointment on that level….that was new to me. I had absolute no idea where to channel or how to process these emotions….


  • Grieve like someone died…its normal
  • Write those hate mails (Text), make those phone calls that makes you seem crazier than what you really are
  • Max out that Edgars card if it makes you feel better (I mean…a glowing skin is just SO important when you lying on the bathroom floor crying)
  • STOP dwelling on the good times….. and try not to watch too many back to back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy….
  • But most importantly…learn the practice of loving kindness meditation. Whatever you do, don’t ever send negative energy out into the world.

I’ve decided divorce is merely a second chance in life, no matter how old you are.

People often ask me….will you ever get married again…….with caution…absa-fucking-lutely….will I learn from the past….probably not…cause then I would have to pretend Im someone Im not.


Cat x

Well Here I Am Again….


I abandoned my little blog two years ago….let’s just call it writers block…. and leave it at that. For those who missed me….bless your cotton socks darlings…

We had our bathrooms at work beautifully upgraded, but as I was basking in the ambiance of new bathroom heaven…. filled with Charlotte Reece hand cream…. I notice a grey hair …and after that, every time I went to the bathroom…I noticed more and more grey hairs….I was horrified and decided the lights in the new bathroom…it had to go….it was… WAY TOO BRIGHT….

Well….they dimmed the lights and I thought to myself….now that’s MUCH better…no more grey hair 🙂

We are all born with special psychic powers… Its called instinct, the brightest most florescent light you’ll ever find…but sadly, instinct’s besties….are called denial and doubt….

So instead of buying that box of Garnier….I preferred the dimmed lights. It suited me better. And sometimes we dim that light so much, that you find yourself in a very dark situation. A situation that’s bloody hard to crawl out of…..hard, but not impossible….it will just take allot of effort and time.

So the moral of the story is….life in general is full of crap, but you can’t blame anyone….not your mother or husband or the pharmacist that insist that your script for Xanax has expired….you only have yourself to blame…..for dimming the lights…..cause in reality….you are the one that controls that light switch.

I’ve deleted all my old post…. I needed a fresh start. I have no idea where or what I’m doing next, but writing again….that’s a start.

Good night

Cat x