I use to love writing essays in high school…whether it was fictional, or about a great leader in history. My Afrikaans teacher, Mr Phillips (Whom i was so in love with … not sure what it was about him…the grey hair or alleged alcohol addiction)  …but none the less….felt compelled to ask me to stay after class one day, to check if one of essays I wrote was a true experience or fictional….as it felt so real to him…

I sometimes use to sit in class and laugh at the crap I came up with!!!

Anyway…..from thus, stemmed my desire to write a book. Over the years I use to sit with my notepad… but I never wrote more than 3 pages, as my mind was to scattered…..I couldn’t decide if it were to be fiction or about someone…I could never stick to just one story, idea or person….and this frustrated me….so….up until recently, I realised… that perhaps it’s not a great book I should be writing…..but a great blog!


One thought on “About

  1. Deidre says:

    I think your blog was cool! Very interesting I must agree I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME ABOUT MAGAZINES!!!I FINALLY KICKED MY HABIT!!!

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