Opinionated Much


“The other thing about me… is like… I give zero fucks about anything….yet I have a strong opinion about everything….even topics I’m not informed on”

You just gotta love Hannah..#Girls HBO season 6

So word on the street is….H&M is moving into Cavendish Square joining the rest of the ‘made in China’ brigade

I was quite keen to see what the new MRP had to offer……since they moved in the gigantic space where Stuttafords use to be ( need I say more about the country’s economy) ….but was highly disappointed when I realised it was the same old shit made from crappy material… where XL doesn’t feature….in a glossier environment.

I’ve found some nice items at Woolworths…but I could only afford to buy them on sale. The rest….all made in china crap at ridiculous price tags disguised as “fashion”….come on woollies, its called alixpress

When it comes to clothing…..I believe in quality…and not quantity…quality pieces that I have worn for years….which could expand when I expanded 🙂 But ever since URBAN… my go to for  quality made in South Africa…has gone bust…..shopping for clothing has been a bit of a challenge.

Ok….so one can argue that I have gained a few kg’s that bumped me into the plus size category….but does that mean the slightly bigger girl’s only option is Donna Claire and that we should be robbed from our individualism?

Personal finances is a huge problem….so the average girl on the street don’t really have a choice but to buy this cheap crap….but until someone in Rylands decide to start a sweat shop in their garage…..I’ll stick to what I have in my closet for now.

Cat x


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