What Goes Up…Must Come Down


I was asked the question…..”What is the purpose of this blog?”

And the answer is simple….what is the purpose of reading a book? You not going to read mills and boons….when James Patterson is actually your thing….I started writing my blog again as a means to deal with my divorce.

At first glance…the understanding was… that it just didn’t work out….geez…I even had the bright idea of throwing a divorce party…..but how naïve was I to think that it would be that simple. When you marry someone….you marry their family…..and with that came a bundle of emotions that I didn’t quite bargain for….but I signed up none the less….and in the end….it wasn’t he’s betrayal of divulging my level of sanity (Cause ya’ll know me…I’ve never claimed to be a full box of chocolates)….but it was his immediate family that hurt me the most.  I take my hat off to Delia…..she loved Lincoln like a son…..and not a son in law…and when things went sideways…..she sat down with him….to hear he’s side of the situation…..something I was never afforded by my inlaws. I was trialed, convicted, executed and swept under the carpet all in one day…..without even being invited to court….lol

No…it’s not funny…especially when you’ve told your ex that you want him to drive he’s car off a cliff and die….again…lol…funny but not funny.

But the real question is….how long do you keep silent and believe that Karma will prevail? How long does this Karma thing take to kick in? I suppose its a little thing called faith…and science…what goes up….must come down right

I’ll leave you with the words of my very colorful friend Noleen….If you reveal your secrets…don’t blame the wind for telling the trees…

Cat x


5 thoughts on “What Goes Up…Must Come Down

  1. inretrospect899 says:

    I think the worst thing about revenge is that what you actually want is for the person to admit they were wrong… Which unfortunately most times they will never do. Like anyway I just had an idea for my next blog… So thank you for the inspiration. Sorry don’t have advice on letting go. Still trying to do that. Just know that I should let go because God says revenge is His. But in my mind still not that easy.

  2. Chantal says:

    I agree with Inretrospect899
    I harp and harp on the same topic year after year because in my mind, I have not received a satisfactory answer yet.. I need for you to admit to your role in us going wonky and then proceed from there, and until that happens, I am a sitting duck and I hate that stance.
    I still think about a boyfriend (the first one I had ever loved) who completely broke my heart and I gave up on ever allowing myself to feel anything that deep again. In hindsight, I look at how his life turned out and realised that God saved me from fighting battles with him in the long run… I cannot imagine what I would do if I was in your position, but hope that I would be enveloped with great support (something you are not getting from both sides). Your blog makes me mindful of how my actions and reactions contribute to certain situations.
    I guess the only thing one can do is stick closer to the positive forces in your life, remove all inclination of the bad ones and try new things…..

  3. Lola89 says:

    Aaaah Cat, thanks for the reminder 💕Hardest part is staying patient and allowing your heart to heal. I know the struggle, it’s the worst, it’s never ending, but you will be given peace and you’ll be able to look back at the situation and smile. You’re in my thoughts!

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