Self-Discovery Part 1


When I got home on Friday….there was one of those huge flying cockroaches laying at my front door. It was on its back…legs kicking, obviously injured and busy dying…..I just stood there wondering what I should do…..shove it off the stairs… or kill it…..put it out of its pain and misery…..but  I couldn’t get myself… to just do it.

Someone asked me this question…..”Would you be friends with you?”

My immediate response was….NEVER…..why the heck would I want to be friends with someone that spends 15 minutes of her time pondering the life or death of a cockroach….what sane person does that… lol

But then it made me think….imagine a world,  where I never had to explain… justify, be judged, but most importantly… categorised…. for my each and every word or action. A world full of people.. just …like… me….who genuinely understands.

I went to the Medicross last week, as I had an excruciating headache and was a little feverish…but emotionally I felt strong…..but after just 30 minutes in a room full of sick people, the tears just started rolling down my face….the man sitting next to me…started talking to me…and in conclusion of our conversation, he told me to look up what an Empath is and also the studies of Dr Elaine Aron and Dr Judith Orloff….which I obviously did…I’m not called Curious Cat for nothing 🙂

I’m doing this post in two parts as I hate overwhelming you with my words….so will post my findings in part two

So ask yourself the question…would you be friends with you?

Have a good week peeps

Cat x


One thought on “Self-Discovery Part 1

  1. Bianca says:

    I love reading your blogs…reminds me why i love you from day one…your individuality is what brought us together.fuck what the world thinks or how they judge us…for God alone can and will judge us.self love and self discovery is a daily process and so dont give youraelf a timeline.everyday we open our eyes is a blessing and another opportunity to so beter than the day before…Thank u for ur words and sharing you.I LOVE YOU FOR BEING U IN MY LIFE

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