The BIG Love…

On her death bed, my paternal grandmother said she was married to my father’s father…..but upon further investigation…..I discovered that she was only married to two men….and it was definitely not my grandfather….

So why would she make a statement like that? I suspect she dreamed about this man her entire life and held on… and believed this fantasy up until the day she died….So was Motibhai (Pat) her BIG love?

Do we only have that one person we truly love… and the rest… before or after is just unnecessary administrative fluff?

I mean….my maternal grandmother married her BIG love twice…..and he still hurt her….

And what is true love actually….how do you know when you’ve found it?  Are we all just walking around lying to ourselves…but deep down in our heart we know the truth?

I always believed that true love can withstand anything…..but from my own experience this past year and thinking about my grandparents…. I feel like I was clearly very wrong. Perhaps you sometimes just miss THAT boat…. and wait and settle for the next boat to come around….that turns out to be the Titanic…so bright, new, shiny and full of hope…..but we all know what happened to the Titanic right…epic fail…

What a load of crock… brain literally pains when I think about these things…so I’ve decided finding that true love shouldn’t be giving you an aneurysm…’s not something you look for or pine after….it’s something that just happens.

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2017……….full of love and happiness…

Cat x

Visit:  if you feel the need to dig into your family history a little (while you wait for your BIG love…lol)



One thought on “The BIG Love…

  1. sharon briggs says:

    Hundred percent right Cat. We all.pine for that perfect love. I believe it will find me 🙂 HAPPY New Year xxx

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