Project Tinder…

It’s downhill to the end of 2016 and I’m mentally and physically exhausted beyond words. It’s been a tough year all around… and I’m at the point where I have to make some serious life decisions…..something I’m not very good at… what do I do instead….

I join Tinder out of sheer curiosity and to see what the hype is about.

Lyn….I know you are the only person that reads my blog… that wouldn’t have a cooking clue what Tinder is…So this is for you…

Tinder is a dating website/app…It brings up random pictures of guys….You swipe right if you like someone and left if you don’t….you don’t know who swiped right on your profile, but if you and a dude both swipe right on each other’s pic, you a match. Apparently there’s some algorithm to the process….but its way to scientific for me …

I swipe through Tinder when I’m bored….like when I’m on the toilet…. or with Namhla, when we looking for some entertainment…….we have so much fun….she cracks me up…and gets genuinely angry when I Tinder without her…lol

I swipe right on random people….like pharmacist…I mean…just imagine a world with Xanax on tap right 🙂

So here’s my findings:

  1. 90% of guys on Tinder are only looking for a ‘hook-up’…no strings attached situation. I’m yet to find a guy that’s really looking for love and marriage
  1. I’ve become the agony aunt of Tinder…. 99% of the guys I match with…I end up giving them relationship advice….its hysterical….


  1. 80% has pictures of themselves hiking or their abs….I mean the abs I still get…but the hiking….what the HELL is that all about…I can’t even deal.
  1. Females on Tinder takes it VERY serious. It’s not a game or Carte Blanche investigation to them…they looking for the full package, which includes a white picket fence….their bio (the part where you describe yourself, interest, hobbies etc.)…it’s full on legit. I mean their entire life story. I get so sad for them….
  1. I’m amazed at the wide variety of people on Tinder….from plumbers to peadiatricians, pilots, ecologist, CEO’s….and obviously the ones that’s “self-employed”…that’s the most popular one.

So Tinder has now officially told me…. I’ve run out of guys…lol… So I deleted the app….

Advice for anyone looking for a serious relationship, be wise….it’s very deceitful, but don’t give up…I know someone that’s engaged to their Tinder match  🙂


Cat x


One thought on “Project Tinder…

  1. Lyn says:

    Hahaha Cath you were so right! I started reading your blog and was making a mental note to ask you, when next we talk, what is Tinder?!!!!

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