Today is my sister’s birthday. Our birthdays are 5 days apart…and even though by dad passed away on the day of my birthday….I sometimes forget that a funeral was being planned on hers…(and Delia’s…as hers is tomorrow)

I remember coming home from a picnic with my ouma…..we got Delia at the gate and she looked all flustered….she told me I mustn’t worry, she’s going to fetch my brother…I assumed from the mountain….cause that’s where I came from 🙂

But my ‘brother’ turned out to be a sister called Jessica.

I felt she started walking way too early for my liking…I use to sit in amazement and watch her climb the burglar bar gate…..right to the top…and when I asked Delia why she’s like that….she told me they gave her wild blood… during a blood transfusion when she was in the incubator at red cross hospital….I accepted that explanation….cause that made allota sense to me.

We are 6 years apart, so growing up and until recently, we were never on the same page i.e… I was an adult when she was a teenager…so we never connected and she’s very strong willed. Only now we’ve started putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and realised how similar we actually are. Sometimes she looks so vulnerable…and I look at her thinking… I just want to wrap you up and keep you safe.

I will do anything for her….cause I know the feeling is mutual.

Happy Birthday Jess

Cat x



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